We are group of Christian families in the greater

Spokane and Coeur d'Alene training our children to become skillful, winsome, and effective communicators for Christ.

Who Can Join?

Christian families with students between the ages of 12 and 18 are invited to join Salt & Light and train for competition through the NCFCA Christian Speech and Debate League throughout the current academic year.

Junior Speech class is available for younger siblings of participating students.

What is Salt & Light?

Salt & Light Speech and Debate Club is comprised of Christian families in the greater Spokane and Coeur d'Alene area who are interested in helping their children become skillful and winsome communicators through study, practice, and competition. We are committed to developing these competencies during weekly club meetings, where we focus and prepare for the competition season.  We are dedicated to preparing students to compete in the NCFCA Christian Speech & Debate League, one of the largest speech and debate leagues in the nation. We are part of Region 3, which includes Idaho, part of Washington, Oregon, Montana, and California.

Our Families

Families who join Salt & Light affiliate with NCFCA each year with the intention of growing their students' communication skills through competition at regional and national-level tournaments.

Salt & Light welcomes potential families to join us at one of our weekly club meetings to get a feel for club, to ask questions about club and NCFCA competition, and to consider how speech and debate may help meet their family’s educational goals.

Most of our participants are homeschoolers but our club is open to all students.

What are the Benefits of Competitive Speech and Debate?

Communication skills are crucial in every area of life. Students will develop excellent study skills, as well as both written and verbal communication skills, working towards the deadline of a competition.

Debate students develop a high level of critical thinking and research skills as they learn about current events and both national and international issues. They learn to state a position clearly and defend it. 

Students have the opportunity to deliver original speeches with a Biblical worldview to an audience, which may be comprised of unbelievers. Competitions are an exciting time to influence judges for Christ!

Students receive excellent written feedback from both parent and community judges at the tournaments (community judges are recruited from all professions and walks of life).

A high standard of courtesy, demeanor, deportment, and behavior is expected from the students as they interact with peers from around the region, and even the nation, at tournaments. Students often develop lifetime friendships with other students outside their community.

Ultimately, students hone skills that will enable them to articulate their faith and allow them to engage the culture in a manner that influences it for their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

What is NCFCA?

This short video gives a glimpse into NCFCA and competitive Christian forensics in action!