It's a wrap!

Summer 2022 Debate Camps are in the books.

We hope to have information about next year's camps by April 2023 -

please check back for details.

Summer 2022 Camp Summaries

Boot Camp (August 15-17, 2022)

What is Boot Camp?

Brand new to debate? Boot Camp is a new opportunity for families who are considering speech and debate for their students.

Tena Crosby brings the foundations of debate to new students in a fun and tangible way. Designed for students ages 12 to 18, Boot Camp is a three-day camp designed for the student who has little or no debate experience (one year or less). At camp, students will learn the what and why of debate, the nuts and bolts of a debate round, and the key pieces that go into developing a debate case.

There will also be an overview of NCFCA's Lincoln-Douglas (LD) and Team Policy (TP) debate resolutions for the 2023 competition season.


Parents, your participation is not required at Boot Camp, but it is strongly encouraged. Your presence and engagement in each session will help you and your student gain mutual knowledge and understanding. Taking the time to be at camp will better equip you to see the big picture of how debate fits into your student's education. There is no fee for parent participation.

As a part of your participation, there will be a parent-only session at Boot Camp where you will learn from Tena her heart for growing student debaters and how you can use this platform as a tool to grow your student's communication skills both in your home and throughout the upcoming season.

Elevated Debate (August 18-20, 2022)

What is Elevated Debate?

Looking for a debate camp that goes beyond the basics? Elevated Debate is a new opportunity for students who are experienced in debate.

Tena Crosby offers a unique summer debate camp focused on cultivating virtue through developing debate skills. Designed for students ages 13 to 18, Elevated Debate is a three-day camp for students who have at least one year of competitive debate experience. Elevated Debate is centered around students who want to go deeper and further. Students will learn persuasive communication skills and advanced debate philosophy. Students will strive for excellence in competition as they sharpen their unique communication skills, craft effective argumentation, and hone their debate philosophy.

There will also be a resolutional analysis of NCFCA's LD and TP resolutions for the 2023 competition season.


Parents, your participation is strongly encouraged and welcomed at Elevated Debate. Your presence and engagement in each session will help you and your student gain mutual knowledge and understanding. Joining your student at camp will better equip you to see the big picture of how debate can fit into your family's education. There is no fee for parent participation.

For parents who commit to joining us at Elevated Debate, there will be a special, parent-only session. During this time, you will dig in with Tena and gain a better understanding of the story that you are creating with your student and the impact that their debate experience will leave not only on themselves, but on those around them.

Our Coach

Tena Crosby, MA

Tena Crosby has been involved as an NCFCA parent for over twelve years. Tena has coached National Champions in speech, debate, Moot Court, and scholarship competitions. As president of Fast Track Communication, Tena is bringing her skills as a professional trainer to today's debaters.

What Others are Saying

"Elevated Camp is a rare gem that is designed to help all Christians to communicate more effectively with one another with compassion. Throughout my professional training, I have never known a coach who is more equipped than Tena Crosby to lead such a workshop. Not only was she able to 'decode' both the verbal and the non-verbal communication before everyone's eyes during the workshop, she has also inspired everyone to seek out a mutual understanding from people who seemed to be challenging to speak with. Our family has benefited greatly from the camp. We are now better equipped with the new learned tools that help each one of us to know where and how we can serve one another better in our home and in our community. I highly recommend this camp and trust that it will be one of those life changing events to you as it was to us."

- Debate Parent

"In my four years involved in speech and debate competition, some of the most impactful teaching I have ever received came from Tena Crosby. In her workshop, she not only helped my strengths and weaknesses as a communicator, but she transformed my entire attitude towards speech and debate. This year has been one of the best years of competition for me and I owe a huge part of that to Tena Crosby's teachings. I would highly recommend attending her workshop."

- Student and Former Competitor

“Our competitors still talk about this workshop two years later. I still remember the vulnerability as people shared what was important to them and how other types of communication could hurt. All of us gained a new appreciation both for the muscles that we default to and the muscles that are not yet developed, in ways that helped both our relationships and our communication skills. Mrs. Crosby does a great job at explaining and valuing the strengths of each group in her quest to help us understand one another.”

- Speech/Debate Parent and Debate Coach

“Mrs. Crosby's communication class is hands down the best class I have ever taken. Everyone, of all ages, should take it. It not only helped me gain skills to communicate more effectively in a professional sense, but it also gave me skills to understand myself and others around me in a more personal sense as well. I am notable to resolve arguments and understand others in a more educated and charitable manner. Thank you, Mrs. Crosby.”

- Student

"This camp is an amazing opportunity for debate families both novice and varsity alike. With their decade of experience, the Crosby’s bring an over-the-chart seminar with thoughtfully crafted activities that empower families as they master the art of communication for the whole family. This camp creates an unique opportunity for families to grow in maturity and speaking skills together. We strongly recommend this camp for the whole family!"

- Parent

"Our three kids took Tena's communication workshop. This was our son's first exposure to debate and being a [quiet] introvert, he just didn't see himself fitting in. Tena's workshop changed all that! In just two days my son discovered that his communication style, although quieter than his two siblings, was also shared by others. Tena's fun, engaging, and hands-on approach enlightens students, empowers them to empathize with others of different strengths, and equips them to impact their judges to the fullest."

- Debate Parent & Coach

“Of all the lectures and workshops I have watched over my four years as a debater, I have yet to attend one that even comes close to the caliber Tena Crosby gives. As a successful communicator herself, Mrs. Crosby teaches on the type information you want and need to hear. Her class helped me understand the unique strengths and weaknesses my speaking style presents. Not only that, but she gave detailed information on how I could become a better more rounded speaker. If you have the time, I would highly recommend participating in her workshop. You won’t regret it!”

- Student and Former Competitor

"My boys and I had the opportunity to attend Tena Crosby's debate camp last summer and it was such a privilege! Her camp really got to the heart of communication. We are not just training our children to be good speakers or debaters, our goal is to train them to be good communicators. Being a good communicator means that we are sensitive not only to our own style of communication, but the style and communication tendencies of those whom we are attempting to communicate with. Tena teaches valuable skills for parents and students alike. I have continued to apply the things we learned at Tena's camp and hope to attend more camps put on by her in the future. "

- Parent

“I benefitted personally, our family was positively impacted, and our club really came together as a community and still talks about the class and what they learned. Most important, I’ve seen kids speak and listen with greater clarity and charity. I know it has made them better debaters, friends, and evangelizers. Highly recommended.”

- Speech/Debate Parent, Coach, and Club Director